Print and Distribute Flyers in Zurich

The Flyernator is perfect solution for printing and distributing flyers in Zurich! Choose the day and the locations and the Flyernator takes care of the rest.

The Flyernator offers different formats and high quality papers - so your flyers will stand out perfectly!

FlyerFlyer distribution Zurich

Flyer distribution in Zurich

At the Flyernator your flyers are distributed by the Swiss Post. This ensures that all legal requirements are adhered and your flyers are distributed CO2-neutrally.

Zip code, City

Max. Distributed Quantities

8001 Zurich
City, Rathaus, Hochschulen, Lindenhof

7'958 Flyer

8002 Zurich

6'789 Flyer

8003 Zurich
Alt-Wiedikon, Sihlfeld

13'162 Flyer

8004 Zurich
Werd, Langstrasse, Hard

18'995 Flyer

8005 Zurich
Gewerbeschule, Escher Wyss

10'683 Flyer

8006 Zurich
Unterstrass, Oberstrass

11'708 Flyer

8008 Zurich
Seefeld, Mühlebach, Weinegg

12'633 Flyer

8032 Zurich
Hottingen, Hirslanden

11'410 Flyer

8037 Zurich

980 Flyer

8038 Zurich

1'654 Flyer

8041 Zurich

990 Flyer

8044 Zurich
Dübendorf, Fluntern, Gockhausen, Geeren

977 Flyer

8045 Zurich
Alt-Wiedikon, Friesenberg

1'361 Flyer

8046 Zurich

3'186 Flyer

8047 Zurich

2'167 Flyer

8048 Zurich

4'446 Flyer

8049 Zurich

Höngg Flyer

8050 Zurich
Oerlikon, Saatlen

3'369 Flyer

8051 Zurich
Schwamendingen-Mitte, Hirzenbach

3'451 Flyer

8052 Zurich

2'750 Flyer

8053 Zurich

1'300 Flyer

8055 Zurich

1'605 Flyer

8057 Zurich
Unterstrass, Oerlikon

2'113 Flyer

8064 Zurich

481 Flyer

Flyer distribution in only 5 steps:

Step 1

Select distribution area in Zurich

The first step is to select the district in the city or the desired municipality in the canton of Zurich. The Flyernator shows you directly how many flyers will be distributed with your selection.

This way you can see directly how many people you reach with your flyer distribution and what it will cost you.

Select distribution area in Zurich Animation Animation Animation
Step 2

Configure Format and Paper

In the next step you choose the format and the paper for your flyer. The Flyernator offers high-quality matt, glossy and uncoated papers.

To make choosing the right paper easier for you, order our set with free paper samples!

Step 3

Choose Flyer Distribution Date

In the next step you determine the date of your flyer distribution. Simply select the desired day in the calendar.

The calendar already considers all holidays and public holidays so there are no surprises.

Select time for distributing flyers in Zurich Animation Animation Animation
Upload Flyer Animation
Step 4

Upload Design

In this step upload your flyer template as a PDF.

Have a look at our specifications and templates first. This ensures that the flyers are printed exactly how you envision them!

Step 5

Have your flyers printed and distributed in Zurich

You've almost made it! In the last step pay your order by Visa, Mastercard, Twint, Postcard or PostFinance e-payment and the Flyernators will soon start with your flyer distribution.

This is how simple it is to distribute flyers in Zurich with the Flyernator!

Print and distribute flyers in Zurich Animation Animation Animation

This makes the Flyernator unique:

Flyer printing and distribution in Zurich

Printing & Distribution as a Service

No time-consuming coordination of printing and flyer distribution. We take care of both for you!

Professional and high-quality flyers

No Food Flyer-Waste

Only the exact number of flyers required for your selected distribution area are printed.

Flyer quantity

Professional Service

Your flyers are printed in the best quality on high-quality paper and distributed CO2-neutral by the Swiss Post.

Individual delivery dates for flyer distribution

Individual Delivery Date

Decide yourself on which day the flyers are distributed. In the calendar you can see all of Zurich's public holidays where no distribution is possible.

Flyer distribution also for official broadcasts

Official Broadcasts

Political parties, authorities or politicians can also use Flyernator to have official mailings distributed in Zurich.

myclimate climate protection

Climate protection with myclimate

As compensation for all emissions during printing, the Flyernators support a forest reserve in the Jura with myclimate.

Ready to start your flyer distribution in Zurich?

Select the day and the locations for your flyer promotion. Your flyers will be printed in the highest quality and distributed on your preferred date by the Flyernator.

Select distribution area in Zurich