About Flyernator

The Flyernator is a service of Pingen. He was born as part of an innovation project together with the Swiss Post.

Pingen is a fast growing Swiss start-up. With innovative services we revolutionize the dispatching of flyers, postcards and letters. We are a creative and well-established team with many years of experience. With our first service pingen.com we have already expanded to Germany, Austria, India and the Netherlands.

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Nator Family

We take care of the Flyernator

Sandro Kunz

Sandro makes sure that the Flyernator always has enough things to do and that he never gets bored.

Alexander F. Gröbli

Alexander ensures that the Flyernator always has the right technical equipment and that he complies with all regulations.

Lena Furtwängler

Lena takes care that the Flyernator behaves himself, makes a good visual impression and is heard and seen everywhere with pleasure.

Nator Friends

The Flyernator works together with: