Print and Distribute Flyers in Basel

Distribute flyers in Basel? No problem! The Flyernator is the perfect service for printing and distribution of your flyers in Basel and the rest of Switzerland.

Select the districts of Basel and let the Flyersators know when the distribution shall take place. Your flyers are then printed in the highest quality and distributed directly to the mailboxes in your distribution area.

FlyerFlyer distribution Basel

Flyer distribution in Basel

The distribution of flyers is handled by the Swiss Post. This means that all legal requirements are met at all times and your flyers are distributed in a CO2-neutral way.

Zip code, City

Max. Distributed Quantities

4001 Basel
Altstadt Grossbasel

709 Flyer

4051 Basel
Altstadt Grossbasel, Am Ring, Vorstädte

8'519 Flyer

4052 Basel
Breite, Sankt Alban

13'051 Flyer

4053 Basel

13'715 Flyer

4054 Basel
Am Ring, Bachletten, Gotthelf

10'682 Flyer

4055 Basel
Am Ring, Iselin

13'294 Flyer

4056 Basel
Am Ring, Sankt Johann

12'328 Flyer

4057 Basel
Kleinhüningen, Klybeck, Matthäus

15'893 Flyer

4058 Basel
Kleinbasel, Clara, Hirzbrunnen, Rosental, Wettstein

15'105 Flyer

4059 Basel, Bruderholz

2'936 Flyer

Distribute flyers in only 5 steps:

Step 1

Select distribution area in Basel

In the first step, select your desired municipalities in Basel. Based on the postcodes, the Flyernator calculates how many households will be reached with your flyer campaign.

This way the Flyernator only prints the exact number of flyers required for your distribution – ensuring everything is efficient, cost-saving and environmentally friendly.

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Step 2

Configure Format and Paper

Next, choose the appropriate format and paper for your flyer. Whether matt, glossy or uncoated paper, your flyers are printed in the highest quality - so your colors and motifs are truly shining.

Unsure which paper best fits your flyer? Then order our free paper set with samples of each paper!

Step 3

Choose Flyer Distribution Date

In this step you choose the day on which your flyers shall be distributed.

The Flyernator calendar automatically takes into account all public holidays in Basel and the rest of Switzerland. So you always see precisely on which days a flyer distribution can take place.

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Upload Flyer Animation
Step 4

Upload Design

In the second last step submit your flyer template as a PDF to the Flyernator.

Please follow our guidelines and specifications so your flyers are printed exactly as you want them.

Step 5

Have your flyers printed and distributed in Basel

You've almost made it! The last step is the payment. Simply pay via Visa, Mastercard, Twint, Postcard or PostFinance e-payment and your flyers will soon be printed and distributed!

That' how easy it is to distribute flyers in Basel with the Flyernator!

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This makes the Flyernator unique:

Flyer printing and distribution in Basel

Printing & distribution as a service

No more tedious coordination of the print shop and the distributor. The Flyernator takes care of everything for you!

Flyer quantity

No Food Flyer-Waste

The Flyernator prints exactly the number of flyers required for your selected distribution area.

Professional and premium flyers

Professional Service

Your flyers are printed using the latest printing technologies on high-quality paper and distributed reliably by the Swiss Post.

Individual delivery dates for flyer distribution

Individual Delivery Date

You decide the day on which your flyers are distributed by the Swiss Post. The calendar already takes into account all public holidays in and around Basel.

Flyer distribution also for official broadcasts

Official Broadcasts

Political parties, public services and politicians can also use the Flyernator to distribute official broadcasts in Basle.

myclimate climate protection

Climate protection with myclimate

As compensation for all emissions during printing, the Flyernators support a forest reserve in the Jura with myclimate.

Start distributing flyers in Basel now

Select your preferred distribution area in Basel. The Flyernator automatically takes care of the printing and the distribution of your flyers on the preferred day.

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